SHSU Psychology chair refutes extra credit accusations

Student accusations of the unethical sale of textbooks against the Sam Houston State University Psychology Department are false, according to multiple department heads.

Psychology students complained that professors and teaching assistants brought sales representatives from textbooks companies into the classroom to sell students unnecessary material for extra credit.

“You were lied to,” Christopher Wilson, psychology department chair, said. “We have this textbook we use from McGraw Hill, and they offer a series of onlineà help things in addition to the actual textbooks.”

One Introduction to Psychology student said teaching assistant Tess Gemberling brought in a sales representative in order to sell extra material for the students to use for extra credit. Gemberling refused to comment on the issue.

Wilson, who oversees the course, said the representatives in class were there to explain how the online content worked, and the accusation that teachers were using optional material for extra credit was invalid.

“It’s as if you took a course in biology, and they said in addition to [having the required text], you have to get for the lab a dissecting kit,” Wilson said. “Well, I suppose you don’t have to buy the dissecting kit, but the problem is you’ll be ripping things apart with your fingers, which would probably be less than adequate.”

Student Government Association has launched an investigation to address students’ concerns. According to University Affairs Chief Spencer Copeland, university officials will have a meeting with the university bookstore about the issue before they respond to SGA.

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