Alpha Omicron Pi joins the SHSU Greek family

Alpha Omicron Pi was chosen out of 22 possible sororities to begin a new chapter at Sam Houston State University in the Fall semester.

The school’s newest sorority inducted 95 new members during its colonization ceremony Sept. 22.

According to Associate Dean of Students Jeanine Bias the addition of this new sorority allows more women to join and find their place in SHSU’s Greek Life program.

“We’re not all the same,” Bias said. “There are still people out there in the Sam Houston community that are interested in Greek life but maybe there is not that perfect niche or chapter, and that’s why it’s extremely important for us as an office to bring new chapters here.”

The process began in the spring 2012 semester by creating an exploratory committee to figure out if it was possible for a new sorority to come to campus. In addition, an expansion team looked at the potential organizations and took a vote from SHSU’s existing sororities to conclude which organization would become a part of SHSU’s Greek community.

New members are excited to be part of making the sorority their own by embracing their differences and creating a dynamic sisterhood.

“Everyone is so different,” Selena Christofferson, ??Pi member said. “We are not the cookie cutter type that most people expect. We are real, and our opposites attract, making us work really well as a team. We can do great things through our chapter.”

??Pi’s philanthropy includes both general arthritis research and the Juvenile Arthritis Organization. SHSU students can expect to see various events throughout the year promoting and benefiting these causes.

“Most people don’t know about the Juvenile Arthritis Organization,” Christofferson said. “It’s really important and I’m so excited to help.”

For more information on ??Pi, contact them on Facebook and Twitter.

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