Rockstar’s GTA: Online off to a Rocky Start

Rockstar is already having complications with their recent release, GTA: Online. The free feature became available to the public as of yesterday, October 1st.

The long anticipated update, GTA: Online, creates traffic Rockstar servers were unable to handle. It was released just yesterday at 12 noon. The company announced that GTA: Online will always be susceptible to change and improvement to cater to the fans. For many, the game has been freezing while the first race loads with the message “waiting for other players”. There have been nine common error messages experienced by gamers According to their support page.

“For those trying to get into GTA: Online today, please bear with us on some day one tech connection issues that we’re working to stabilize asap,” Rockstar said to Twitter followers.

As usual, fans were not too shy to express their woes and/or successes with the game: “Let this be a lesson learned to never trust or buy a game from R*[Rockstar] again,” said one disappointed gamer. Others were not sure these issues should surprise anyone: “

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