Rihanna’s Twerking Debut: ‘Pour it Up’

There is a time and place to do everything. Twerking on YouTube for all to see probably is not the best choice. Rihanna’s racy video, “Pour it Up” made its way to public attention October 2nd via Vevo on YouTube.

The twerking trend has been pushed a little further after Rihanna shakes it on camera. Many have gone as far as comparing Rihanna to Miley Cyrus’. According to NY Daily News, “”Stay” singer is clearly also better at swinging around stripper poles, touching herself inappropriately with no need for foam fingers, and wearing as little clothing as possible.”

“Pour it Up” is a song that has been played on the radio for many months and was only recently paired with a video. Rihanna’s new music video, which took five months to make, stars a number of strippers in an underwater strip club themed venue.

The pop singer has graced the cover of Vogue three times. The magazine has never been known to plaster anything considered inappropriate across their front page. In relation, Cyrus was scheduled to shoot for the December cover of Vogue. That photo shoot was canceled soon after Cyrus’ VMA performance.

Fans have defended Rihanna’s antics in saying she is being different and innovative. One fan said,” Riri you’re the BEST…whatever people say.” A dissenter ranted via comment: “This is crap music just to create bad vibration in the mind of the unknowing… millions of children look up to Rihanna and this [is] the message she has for them, it is saddening that the media world is out for [dumbing] down and ultimately destroying the youth,” they said.

There is never was anything “different” about twerking. It has been a part of society for years and years; Since BET Uncut was allowed on late night television, women have been “objectifying” themselves by moving their derrieres provocatively. At some point, these pop artists are capable of much more than what has been displayed. BET Uncut was taken off the air years ago for obvious skin-bearing reasons.

When artists create things that seem farfetched to the public, they are always considered “misunderstood” and “going through a life transition”. No one ever feels that it is a cry for attention and help.

In her interview with the well-known and respected, producer and actor, Oprah, Rihanna was asked in reference to her music, how she became comfortable with her sex appeal: “I really was not[comfortable]

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