Everybody Hates a Trevor: GTA:Online’s Killing Spree Trend

Apologies to those who have been given the government name Trevor. Studies and personal experiences have proven that most GTA: Online players go on killing sprees for no apparent reason: Just like Trevor.

Despite the inability to go into anyone’s house without an invite, people continue to find ways to turn GTA: Online into the land of gangster slaughter. Those responsible seem to be enjoying the aimless killing. They also forget that there are more organized crimes going on that have a real purpose, if it can be called that.

For those who do not know, Trevor is the last of three characters to be introduced in GTA V. He is basically a questionably homosexual roughneck who sells drugs for a living. He is also the most violent and bold of all the characters. His missions mostly involve unusual forms or torture, drug raids, or all out shooting sprees.

As most GTA V players know, there have been many problems with GTAO when trying to complete actual missions. It is very possible that this is the motive for all the “Trevors” out there playing grim reaper.

Another explanation is that bolder mentalities come with online play. When people sit behind their screens using their joysticks as their armor they tend to say and do more than they would in real life. Killing sprees can be expected. Most fans agree that this act is “annoying” or “frustrating”. One gamer said, “There are plenty of non-violent ways to interact with other players in GTA 5 online freeroam, but generally the only thing everyone does is kill each other immediately on sight.”

There have also been complaints on the genealogy system used to create an online character. Rockstar has warned anyone who plays GTAO that the character’s appearance is dictated by he/she’s lifestyle. If the gamer acts like a thug, you’re character will look like a “meth addict”. If your character is an “honest” business man/woman, the character will be dressed according, etc.

It appears that Rockstar spent a considerable amount of time on the environment and inanimate objects, including vehicles, but the human characters are another story. “Rockstar spent far less time on making its citizens visually pleasing,” said Paul Tassi, contributor with Forbes. “I spent a solid hour trying to mix and match parents to make my female lead look not terrible, but I’m still not happy with the end result. Clothing also fits abysmally, and the fact that there’s really only one body type across characters makes it even worse.”

In addition to the seemingly random character appearances, the characters that are created do not have voices. Like many other online games, gamers have the ability to communicate via headset. Fans are not exactly satisfied with silent characters.

As stated before Rockstar will be continuously working on all the issues within GTAV and GTA online. Direct all questions, comments, and concerns to GTA Forums or email support at GTAOnline@rockstargames.com . Just remember, don’t be a Trevor while online.

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