New jewish organization looks to gain members

Jews at SHSU is a new student organization at Sam Houston State University that was organized in September. It is currently the only religious group on campus that is centered on the Jewish community.

Jews at SHSU is available to those who need a place to have services since the closest place to go is in either College Station or Houston, according to the group’s founding members.

“We are hoping to turn it into a Hillel or a Chabad – somewhere where the students can go and pray and get a home-cooked meal,” Susie Ciccone, founding member, said.

It has been difficult for the members to have the group officially registered as a student group because there has been no committee meeting, Ciccone said. So currently they have been tabling in the LSC mall area and posting flyers on the message boards.

“Right now we have a half and half ratio of Jews to non-Jews,” Anne Sergi another member of the group, said.

Anyone can join. It is open to all who are interested in Jewish culture or those who are just looking to become more invested in their Jewish identity, the members said.

Sam Houston is missing activities and groups for the Jewish community, and it is shown in the enrollment rate according to Hillel, the largest Jewish student organization. They said the organization can become a way for the campus to reach out to the community and help further their knowledge.

Jews on Campus at SHSU is still looking for more founding members and people who are ready to become part of this new experience to become immersed in Judaism and Jewish life.

For all inquiries about the group, email Anne Sergi at, Susie Ciccone at slc051@shsu.eduor Amie Kas at

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