New Narnia movie announced

C.S. Lewis’ magical world of Narnia will return to the big screen with the adaptation of “The Sliver Chair.”

“The Sliver Chair” is the fourth book in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series written by Lewis. The story follows Eustace Scrubb, who was introduced in “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,” and his school friend Jill Pole on their journey to find Rilian, King Caspian’s stolen son.

There will be a wide gap between the latest Narnia movie and this upcoming movie. It has been three years since the last installment, and it will probably be another two years until “The Sliver Chair” is released in theaters.

The film was only announced recently so the cast of the new movie is still unknown. The only character that could return for this movie would be Scrubb from the previous Narnia film, “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”

Although the cast of each movie has been filled with children, acting has remained on par with the seasoned professionals.

The C.S. Lewis and the Mark Gordon Company are coming together to develop and produce the film.

Mark Gordon, Douglas Gresham, and Vincent Sieber are attached to produce. Gordon is the president of the Producers Guild of America and has been a producer for such films as “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012.”

According to the Guardian newspaper, the next Narnia movie should be a prequel instead of a sequel because of the big time gap between movies.

But the big question is whether this movie will stay true to the book.

The movies so far have been visually stunning for a fantasy movie, so the production values are not a concern.

The first movie, “The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” won an Academy Award for best makeup. In the world of Narnia, there are different fairy tale-like creatures, and it will take a talented make up and special effects crew to make the creatures look so realistic. It will be interesting to see what new creatures such as the infamous giant green serpent will look like in “The Sliver Chair.”

This movie is something to look forward to in the next couple years.

There is no release date for “The Sliver Chair.”

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