Madonna is banned from the Alamo Drafthouse

I’m sorry, but this is funny.”@Stage32online: Madonna Banned From Movie Chain After Texting During 12 Years a Slave”

Sorry, Madonna, but texting at the cinema is completely unacceptable: I have a new hero: Tim League, the CEO o…

@timalamo is being a bit of sexist douche about this Madonna situation. Madonna isn’t a teenybopper, she is a billion dollar business.

Last week, Madonna was caught texting in an Alamo Drafthouse theater during the New York Film Festival premier of 12 Years A Slave. When a member of the audience kindly asked her to stop, she replied “It’s for business, enslaver!”

Alamo Drafthouse CEO, Tim League tweeted “Until she apologizes to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse.”

After receiving many negative reactions on Twitter, League said his tweet “was really just a joke.” However in an Entertainment Weekly interview, League said he was serious about the ban.

League is still tweeting back and forth with the haters, but there are also many who support his decision. “Texting at the cinema is completely unacceptable: I have a new hero: Tim League”, said Toby Young.

Many people are just amused by the whole thing. “I’m sorry, but this is funny”, said Nicole Fancher.

League plans to strictly enforce his no texting rule on future moviegoers, no matter who they might be.

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