Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts moves to Apple

Apple made an announcement Monday that Angela Ahrendts will be joining the company as a senior vice president. Ahrendts is currently the CEO of Burberry, a renowned British luxury brand.

Ahrendts will be in charge of Apple’s retail and online stores and will be responsible for the customer experience that Apple provides.

Currently, there are no female executives at Apple. “?#Apple hired the best person globally for the job, Angela Ahrendts. ‘It’s exciting it’s also a woman,” said Caroline Howard, senior online editor at Forbes. Many people are already saying that Ahrendts could be Apple’s next CEO.

Others are concerned about how this affects the fashion industry. Elle magazine tweeted earlier, “Why is Apple picking talent from the fashion industry?” The answer could be that Apple always insists on the best of the best.

Apple’s style has always been innovative and unique, but having a fashion forward executive will take the company to the next level.

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