SHSU’s SGA numbers more than double, despite drama

SGA’s Increasing Numbers

Despite the supreme drama over the past six weeks, there is increasing membership within Sam Houston State University’s Student Government Association.

Since the beginning of the school year, the Senate has more than doubled in size with more to come, according to Secretary Chaston Pruitt.

Vice President Kolby Flowers said that SGA’s new organization and communication attribute to the high turnout.

“We spent much of the summer planning and preparing for this,” Flowers said. “We were at orientations handing out applications and signing people up to join. I would also say communication. We have been keeping constant communication with those wishing to join SGA.”

Flowers said that previous government officials were enthusiastic about growth but would not follow through.

“The previous director would take names and emails and never contact anyone,” Flowers said. “We never expected this great of a turnout though.”

SGA currently has 22 Senators and 17 members on Freshman Council, according to Pruitt.

“SGA isn’t the sexiest organization to be a part of but we are excited for our newest freshman members,” Flowers said. “I’ve received nearly 200 applications since the summer began for both freshman council and senate. Many of them have already been actively involved in SGA so far, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Criminal Justice and College of Science each have six members in the senate. The College of Business Administration has three members, and the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication only has one.

Senator Spencer Copeland (COCJ) said one possible reason for the recent influx of interest was the scandalous start student government had this year.

“It may be that the negative things, impeachments, Supreme Court debates, drama, appear sexy to the student body [that] wants to get involved,” Copeland said.

SGA Supreme Court Chief Justice Frank Parker shamed SGA on Oct. 8, saying that their low numbers were unacceptable. The SGA Constitution calls for 90 seats in the Senate, a feat the organization is far from.

“At the end of the day, I don’t know why we have such a large turnout, and quite frankly I don’t care. They are coming in, and they are actually doing work, anyone would be happy with this,” Copeland said. “On top of all this Senators have done an excellent job of reaching out and trying to get people into the Senate, and there have even been professors and other faculty actively recruiting for us.”

Twelve students stated their intent to join the Senate on Tuesday. If they are confirmed to the Senate at the next meeting, it will be the biggest growth-spurt the Senate has seen all year.

SGA meets Tuesdays at 6:30 p.m. in LSC 320.

SGA Update

Three new Senators and two new freshman councilmen were added to SGA. Thirteen students stated their intent to join SGA.F13-07, removing a five-seat cap per college in the Freshman Council, passed unanimously.F13-08, placing SGA recycling bins at tailgates and other events, was tabled until next Tuesday’s meeting in an effort to ensure SGA has the power to do so.Sen. Robert Ferguson gave an update on his continuing Americans with Disabilities Act compliance research on and around campus.Sen. Spencer Copeland said the investigations involving an extra-credit scandal in classrooms are ongoing.Copeland motioned to resend the appointment of SGA’s new Executive Student Assistant. Sen. Pierce Davila motioned to table the discussion and vote until next Tuesday’s meeting due to time constraints.

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