Bangerz’ proof Cyrus has left childhood

If two multiplatinum singles (“We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball”) weren’t enough to convince even her toughest critics of her staying power, then it most certainly was the twerk seen around the world that catapulted Miley Cyrus into megastardom as the one of the most famous celebrities in the world.

A far cry from her Disney days as Hannah Montana, Cyrus has developed a unique sound meshing pop and hip-hop to create something completely new and fresh.

Now that Bangerz has been out for some time and the world has had the opportunity to twerk in the comfort of their own home (or in the streets – I don’t judge), I will take a minute to stop twerking and break down this album.

“Adore You” doesn’t leave you scratching your head as to whom the song is about with lyrics like “You and I were meant to be in holy matrimony” and “When you say you love me / No I love you more.”

Fused with an ethereal new wave synth sound, the tune takes you back to a much happier time before her much publicized failed engagement to Liam Hemsworth. The song spent several weeks in the Top 10 on the iTunes charts and makes you want to continue listening to the rest of the album.

“We Can’t Stop” single-handedly brought the fabulous twerk craze to the masses.

“This is our house / This is our rules / And WE CAN’T STOP.” And they haven’t yet.

The song “4×4” is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. Scratch that. It’s a country rap crossover and features the Mississippi flow of rapper Nelly (what has he been up to lately anyways) and will make you go “Round and round and away we go.”

“My Darlin'” pays homage to a dying love and samples a tastefully autotuned Ben E. King classic “Stand By Me.” The track features rapper Future and will evoke some powerful emotions in anyone who has lost a love with lines such as “What happened to that feeling? We’ll never get it back” and “Take me as I am or not.”

“Wrecking Ball” is the ballad that gave Cyrus her first number one single not only in the states but also in England. Again, it’s no question who the song is about, and it actually feels quite genuine. You can’t help but feel sorry for her and wonder if the tears in the nakedly controversial video were real.

“Love Money Party” is exactly as it sounds, about the love, money and the party. Big Sean also raps on the song and but what why does his girl and watch have to coordinate?

“#GETITRIGHT” is a Pharrell production with a catchy beat and sexy lyrics. “I feel like I got no panties on / I wish that I could feel ya” doesn’t leave much to the imagination but coming from the Queen of Twerk does it really surprise anyone?

“Drive” is infused with synth pop and emo, and Miley makes it pretty clear that she is a women scorned. “But I guess I got no Valentine / Send me roses, I just let ’em die” is not even the highlight of some of her anger. The true emotion comes through on the album in combination with her voice and music.

“Maybe You’re Right” sounds like it came directly off a Kelly Clarkson album. It tells the story of a relationship (her’s and Liam’s if you haven’t figured it out by now) as it falls apart and how she will not be held down and as she moves on. It’s not the best song on the album, but it will certainly grow on you the more you listen.

“Someone Else” is the break up power anthem to end all break up power anthems. In this track you can literally feel her long brown locks being sheared and dyed blond, the media circus that follows her every move, both the love and backlash of the infamous VMA twerk fest. But most importantly you can feel her self being broken. This song embodies her transformation – how she “Turned into someone else.” “If you’re looking for love know that love don’t live here anymore / He left with my heart / They both walked out the door without me / If you’re trying to find pity well you need to look somewhere else.”

Miley ends the album with the line “I’ve turned into someone else.” This is a perfect end to her real life and very public journey. Say what you will about her raunchy and crude behavior but this album will not disappoint.

Miley has managed to bridge the gap between Disney and hip-hop and is sitting on top of the album charts and the world. In her own words she “don’t give a fuck” what you think. After all she’s just being Miley.

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