SHSU LSC Takeover scares despite dreary weather

Program Council held its annual “LSC Takeover” in the Lowman Student Center of Sam Houston State University from 8 p.m. to midnight Wednesday.

The LSC takeover is an annual Halloween event put on by PC for the students of SHSU with a variety of activities and food for them to take part in and enjoy. The various components of the takeover are held in virtually all rooms and on all floor levels of the LSC building.

Junior political science major Taylor Walton is the Entertainment Co-Chair for PC in charge of putting together this event. Walton has been a part of PC for the last three years and has been on the PC board for the last two years.

“LSC takeover is one of our biggest events—one of Program Council’s biggest events of the year,” Walton said. “We plan all of our events a semester ahead, so I started planning it last semester, we kind of file everything away and make sure everything is ready to go. But this event never stops–it’s always something, so I’ve been working on it up till today, literally.”

Early-on in the evening, Walton said that she was pleased with the night’s agenda so far.

“It’s going pretty well actually, this is one of our bigger events, our other big event is Casino Night and that one already happened back in the first week of school,” she said. “So, this is our next one and it’s going swell so far—nothing is getting too out of hand yet.”

The activities of the night included an inflatable obstacle course, a slam dunk game, a mechanical bull, a photo booth, flip books, wax hands and crystal tattoos.

“The haunted house was scary because they were able to touch you,” freshman and business major Ashley Green said. “The whole time I was screaming ‘Don’t touch me, I will step on you.'”

Freshman mass communication major Tiara Mickens said her favorite activity was the photo booth.

“I liked the photo both because we looked cute and they had good props,” Mickens said. “They had the wind blowing and I looked like Beyonce.”

One of the most anticipated activities however, was delayed because of the rainy weather earlier in the day.

“This year our big attraction was the zip-line, it’s still kind of up in the air if we can do it or not because we can’t do it in the rain, so I have my vendor here waiting to see if that’s going to happen,” Walton said. “With the rain I’ve had to redo a lot of stuff and order new things so it’s just been a crazy day.”

According to Green, the only thing she would change about the LSC Takeover, is that it is located in the LSC.

“It needs to be in a bigger place because it got really crowded and really hot so fast,” Green said.

Despite all the time-consuming work put into this event, Walton said the end-product makes up for it.

“It’s a lot going on but there’s something for everyone,” Walton said. “It’s fun and really worth it.”

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