SHSU CHSS looking for search firm to find new dean

The Sam Houston State University College of Humanities and Social Sciences began the search for a new dean on Oct. 22 .

The search committee has sent out a request for proposal for a search firm in an open bid process – the first step in the hiring.

John Pascarella, Ph.D. Dean of the College of Science and head of the CHSS dean search committee said that before they start the process of finding a new dean, they must select a search firm. The search firm makes the process easier because they use contacts that they already have as well as advertisements to find applicants.

“If you do not use the search firm, it is more of a passive process,” Pascarella said. “People have to find your ad. One thing the search firm does that greatly enhances the pool of candidates, they have a list of people they have worked with in the past that they might think would be a good candidate for this position. They also go out and actually look for people and encourage them to apply.”

The search committee has a deadline of Nov. 12 for all of the search firm proposals to be submitted. Once they select a firm, they will start putting together a job description and put out advertisements.

The search firm proposals will be reviewed by certain criteria. According to Pascarella this includes previous experience, references and success with academic searches; proposer’s ability to source candidates with backgrounds and experiences with senior professional and management administration of a complex organization; a plan for performing the services; the firm’s fee; and proposer’s general reputation in financial stability.

The search committee consists of representatives from the CHSS and one outside member.

“We think we will have a very broad pool because of the nature of the academic departments,” Pascarella said.

The previous dean, John de Castro retired Aug. 31, 2013. According to Provost Dr. Jaimie Hebert, De Castro stepped down because “he’s ready.” He was dean of CHSS since 2006.

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