TEDxSHSU program shows Simon Sinek’s presentation to discuss leadership

Students gathered in the Lowman Student Center for TEDxSHSU Monday afternoon to watch Simon Sinek’s presentation “How Great Leaders Inspire Action.”

After the video, the group participated in what many called a thought-provoking discussion aimed at improving their leadership skills.

“Before watching the video, I would tell people you should do this because I’m doing this but I really didn’t go into depth as to why they should do it and the benefits of doing it,” said Emanuel Moise, freshman physics major. “That’s something this video has taught me and I really do appreciate that.”

SHSU began having independently organized TED viewings after DeAndre Shaw, graduate assistant for the Center for Leadership and Service, became fascinated by the informative videos. Shaw gathered information from Ohio State University, who had a well-developed TED program, and brought the program to SHSU where it is used by the Leadership Initiatives division to educate the students on becoming a successful and effective leader.

“Leadership is always going to be needed no matter what you do during or after Sam,” Shaw said. “We definitely need student leaders to keep the campus moving forward and once you get a job, you are going to need leadership skills. To be the best person you can be is to be a great leader.”

Sinek is a motivational speaker who began his career in advertising but began speaking to people after he struggled to rediscover the excitement about life and work, according to the TED website.

This particular viewing focused on how leaders achieve success by doing business with people who possess common beliefs with the company or organization. According to Sinek, having the public understand why they are doing what they are doing is the key.

To learn more about TEDxSHSU visit the Center for Leadership and Service in LSC Suite 324.

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