Everyday activities can make allergy symptoms worse

People can cause allergy symptoms to occur by exercising outside at wrong times, leaving windows open, having pets sleep in the bed and not being aware of the pollen count in the area, according to Health Magazine’s website.

Exercising outdoors in the morning or early afternoon, according to Dr. Myngog Nguyen, chief of allergy at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, can cause allergy symptoms. The website said that trees and grasses start releasing pollen at sunrise.

The levels then peak in the morning and early afternoon. According WebMD, the pollen count is highest between 5 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Nguyen advises exercising later in the day to reduce exposure to pollen in the air.

“I always suggest people run after work in the late afternoon or evening,” Nguyen said.

Leaving the windows open can also attract pollen inside. Using the air conditioner in the car can also cut pollen breathed in by 30 percent, according to Nguyen. WebMD also suggests cleaning window frames regularly for mold and mildew.

Having pets sleep in the same bed as their owner can also cause allergy symptoms. According to Dr. David Rosenstreich, an allergy and asthma specialist, pets can bring in pollen, dust, mold and various allergens from outside.

Rosenstreich said that it is important to make sure that pets do not get on the bed.

“Your bedroom should essentially be an allergy-free zone,” Rosenstreich said.

Rosenstreich also suggests having bare floors in the bedroom or using a rug than can be washed regularly.

Being aware of the pollen count can also prevent symptoms from occurring, according to Rosenstreich. Websites like pollen.com document where allergy season begins in particular areas. It also provides four-day allergy forecast in certain zip codes.

“People should make an effort to be aware of the pollen count and when the pollens are out that bother them,” Rosenstreich said.

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