Lake Road to get sidewalks

Huntsville City Council unanimously approved the Safe Routes to School Project during its Jan. 7 meeting. The project will construct sidewalks throughout Huntsville including Lake Road, which is heavily trafficked by Sam Houston State University students.

The SRTS Project, which will cost $185,000, will allow the city to also construct sidewalks on Avenue J. Students frequently use Lake Road and Avenue J to travel from residential areas including U.H. Apartments and University Place Apartments to campus.

Due to the lack of sidewalks, pedestrians who live along these roads are sometimes forced to share the road with motorists, which can be dangerous.

In one incident a man was struck by a vehicle while riding his bike down Lake Road during an evening last fall, according to a Houstonian reporter sent to cover the incident.

Sam Houston State University students, including freshman Connor Manning, said the lack of sidewalks has been dangerous throughout the school year.

“I used to ride my bike, but I got driven off of the road a few times, so I stopped,” Manning said.

Huntsville Mayor Mac Woodward lent his support for the project.

“I’m glad to be getting this project moving forward,” Woodward said at the meeting.

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