#StuVoice let students connect with educators

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan hosted a live Twitter chat Monday in which he addressed any questions students had about the education system.

Topics ranged from how to keep college affordable to the importance of the Obama Administration’s college rating system.

Last August, President Barrack Obama outlined a plan to combat rising tuition costs to help college become affordable for most families. He directed the education committee to plan and get involved with the community for an approach to be the best plan of attack to lower educational costs.

One question tweeted by Duncan garnered numerous responses:

“Students: When comparing colleges, what matters most to you in making a decision – price, quality, geography, program, other? #StuVoice

Duncan encouraged parents as well as students to join the chat.

“Giving parents an easy way to understand college options and help their children drives so much of our work,” Duncan said in a response to one Twitter user.

The series of chats, which were launched in May 2012, were created to bridge the gap between students, journalists and educators. People from all over the world can discuss policy issues while sharing similar ideas.

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