90s grunge look is making a huge comeback

The early 90s were a time of rebellious rock music and ripped jeans and no ensemble would be complete without a wrinkled plaid button-up tied around the waist in homage to Kurt Cobain and the grunge music scene.

The male and female youth of the 90s embraced “anti-fashion movement” where structured shoulder pads and bold colors from the 80s faded into baggy blacks and grays.

The first appearance of 90s grunge appeared at New York fashion week where top designers including DKNY, Rodarte and Alexander Wang all showed designs draped in plaids from skirts to dresses and even button-ups.

Whether most are on a tight budget or are having trouble getting two nickels to rub together, plaid can be found anywhere and is a staple must have item for 2014 and can be easily obtained in every day shopping. From the less practical $275 plaid button down at Nordstrom to the gently used racks at the local Goodwill, plaid can be obtained on any budget.

Plaid can be worn with a feminine or masculine twist. Different textures and prints give every day people the chance to spice things up. In Paris fashion week for men, plaids, prints and “untraditional” were a focal point for designer Thom Browne.

Extravagancy in accessories have also been paired with bright colors. A prime example: men’s designer Walter Van Beirendonck.

“I love plaid. You can pile plaid on plaid, plaid on floral; it’s eccentric,” said SHSU graduating senior and public relations major Corey Chenier. “Plaid is the epitome of masculinity, but I do like to see women wear it as well.”

According to Vibe Magazine, the late Aaliyah’s now infamous Tommy Hilfiger ensemble complete with logos emblazoned on her jacket, shirt and even boxers peeking through her baggy jeans is now widely recognized as a style moment of the 90s. The sporty logos have once again arrived and have been plastered over everything.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, the sporty look was seen on runways ranging from Prada to Gucci.

Designers stitched, embroidered, screened and tagged their designs in every which way. It was not the most preferred portion of 90s fashion.

Some feel that overly including logos are a bit unnecessary.

“Logos being all over clothing just seems a bit tacky to me,” said SHSU junior interior design major, Samantha Smith.

Another popular look making a comeback is the crop top. Stars in the 90s from Gwen Stefani to Destiny’s Child all sported this midriff-baring trend, and it has already been seen on Hollywood’s most familiar stars in 2014. Even Christian Dior showcased glittered, tight-fitting crop tops this year.

“I really like the crop top trend. It can be worn tastefully without seeming like you’re showing too much. It all depends on what you pair it with,” Smith said.

Miley Cyrus attended the premiere of Britney Spears’ Las Vegas show debut in a vintage Calvin Klein crop top and a pregnant Kerry Washington walked the red carpet at the 2014 SAG Awards in a custom pink Prada midriff baring one.

Crop tops are already available at fast trend shops including Forever 21 and H&M. This timeless trend, like many others, may repeat itself again.

Even though it may seem like it, emulating the style is accessible to the masses, including students of SHSU. Style em’ up Kats!

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