College of Education and CHSS searching for new deans

The search committees of the College of Education and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences have entered the application phase of their respective searches for new deans.

Currently the CHSS is under the oversight of interim dean and dean of the honors college, Gene Young, while the College of Education is under the control of interim dean Jerry Bruce.

A search committee made up of Dean Ron Shields of the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communication, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs Mary Robbins and Vice Provost Richard Eglsaer, as well as several professors and assistant professors from the College of Education is hoping to have a selection of three finalists for the College of Education by the end of next week.

At this time, applications are still being reviewed and processed by an outside search firm, which forwards any considerable applications to the committee. Once the applications have been narrowed down to the final three prospective deans, the committee will schedule interviews and on-campus tours, Egslaer said.

Out of the applicants, the department hopes to find a candidate “with an appreciation of teacher education at the undergraduate level.”

“[They need] experience in doctoral research at the graduate level as well as strong leadership capabilities,” Egslaer said.

The CHSS currently has applications still in the review stage by an outside search firm, Greenwood Asher and Associates. The search is projected to narrow down the final three applicants by February, according to College of Science Dean John Pascarella, who is the head of the search committee.

Pascarella said the search committee hopes to find an applicant “with the vision to lift the college forward.”

In addition, the committee formed of department representatives and alumni is looking for a student body representative from CHSS to assist in the final applicant review process.

If students are interested in the representative position, contact Pascarella at 936-294-1401 for more information.

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