Macklemore sends text to Kendrick Lamar ‘you’ve been robbed’

After winning the title of Best Rap Album, Macklemore sent a text to nominee Kendrick Lamar saying “you should have won this category.” Macklemore and Ryan Lewis won four Grammy awards Sunday night at the 56th annual Grammy’s Award show.

Not only were fans and fellow nominees shocked that Macklemore took home the Grammy for this category, but the winner himself was completely surprised. According to Daily News the text message that was sent to Kendrick Lamar read:

“I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you. I was gonna say that during the speech. Then the music started playing during my speech, and I froze.”

Macklemore winning Best Rap Album has many questioning and debating over whether or not he is a true rap artist. In fact according to MSNBC The Grio his hit single “Thrift Shop:”

was almost removed from the rap categories altogether because of the large amount of airplay they’ve received on pop and top-40 radio stations.

Lamar is viewed as ‘hip-hop’s golden child’ and according to MTV News he defended Macklemore’s nomination and success.

It’s other people’s opinions. Whatever he put his heart out to do, you know he raps and people receive it as that, it’s just opinions.

Even though there has been controversy on whether or not Macklemore is considered a “rapper,” both Macklemore and Lamar have nothing but respect for one another’s catapulting careers.

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