Justin Bieber arrested, to be arraigned on Valentine’s Day

According to NBC News, Justin Bieber, was arrested early Thursday morning. Bieber was driving a rented yellow Lamborghini and drag racing down a residential strip in Miami. Bieber was then pulled over and charged with an alleged DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting arrest with violence.

Judge Joseph P. Farina set a bond of $2,500 for the 19-year-old pop star.

When interviewing witnesses and police they discovered that young Bieber allegedly failed a sobriety test at the scene.

Police chief Raymond Martinez told the Miami Herald that a test showed Bieber was under the influence of drugs. After his arrest, the pop star admitted to consuming alcohol and prescription medications and smoking marijuana, Martinez said during a press conference. Martinez said that the singer was incoherent and had his hands in his pockets at the time of arrest, and that he resisted arrest without violence.

After a long morning in the court room, Bieber was released on bail. While being escorted out to the black SUV, Bieber stopped to wave to a crowd that had formed on his behalf.

Bieber did not seem to be phased by his arrest. He seemed calm and happy during the mug shot as well as when he was escorted to the SUV. This young pop star should have realized how serious of an offense he has committed and the danger he could have put residential people in. Maybe next time he will think about that before getting behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol.

Bieber is scheduled to be arraigned on Valentine’s Day with a South Florida judge.

It is still questionable whether Bieber will be in attendance because according to the Daily News

The hard-partying heartthrob is expected to send his lawyer to appear on his behalf. He’ll only have to show up in person if he takes a plea deal down the line or the case goes to trial.

Let’s just say that planning a romantic night for a special someone will be the last thing on Justin Bieber’s mind this Valentine’s Day.

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