Jay Leno says goodbye to the “Tonight Show”

After 22 years on-air, Jay Leno’s talk show, “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” has come to an end. Thursday, the ultra-famous host was joined by an array of celebrities who celebrated his final show with him.

Not to mention, the finale brought more views than the show has seen in 15 years. According to the NY Daily News, “a total of 14.6 million viewers tuned in Thursday.”

Leno was of course light-hearted about the situation, cracking plenty of jokes as Jack Black, Oprah, and Carol Burnett serenaded him in a funny musical tribute.

Celebrities friends of Leno such as Matt Damon and Martha Stewart sent their humorous wishes through video messages.

Jay Leno says that he will now pursue his passion for automobiles.

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