Boston bombing victim to release memior

A survivor of the Boston bombing back in April 2013 who has become a “symbol of a national tragedy” after loosing his legs due to the bombing will be releasing a memoir on the anniversary of the terrorist attack, according to Yahoo News.

Jeff Bauman, who was featured at President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address, has been through a lot the past year with trying to learn to walk again as well as write this memoir sharing in all the tragedy that has occurred.

People running in that marathon will forever have visions of that day embedded in their brain.

Chris Vittuci was a running in Boston that day.

Vittuci came to the finish line 56 seconds after the bombing occurred.

“I never thought something like that could have ever happened when I was near,” Vittuci said. “I am just a local Texas man that came to Boston to run with my friends in the marathon. How can someone do something like that?”

Vittuci said that many were injured at the scene of the finish line when he ran up to it, and he said that he tried to take cover.

Bauman’s memoir will speak for everyone that was affected in the Boston bombing. Many have had to overcome life-changing obstacles since the bombing. This memoir allows us all to grieve and support the survivors and see what all they have done to overcome all that happened on that tragic day.

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