Southeast bracing for another winter storm

The southeast US prepares for another round of the winter storm as they face 8 inches of snow and ? of an inch of ice forecasters predict. The state of Georgia in particular has over 1400 trucks on standby with 22,000 tons of salt ready to avoid the major traffic jams that occurred two weeks ago.

This second blow of this winter storm ice threatens to create hundreds of power outages and leave people in their homes cold and dark for several days.

Atlanta had an ice storm in 1973 that estimated 200,000 power outages for several days leaving damages around 35 million, according to Christian Science Monitor.

Hundreds of Georgia National Guard troops were on standby in case evacuations were needed at hospitals or nursing homes, and more than 70 shelters were set to open. President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Georgia, ordering federal agencies to help the state and local response during the storm. Deal said a priority for that request was generators.

According to Reuters, “Ice is the big danger here,” Georgia Governor Nathan Deal told reporters. “We are exercising extreme caution.”

It has been a rough winter year for us, exceeding more than 6 million dollars set aside for weather events, said Randy Ort, a spokesman for the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department.

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