Venezuela protest turns violent for students

One of the largest protest in Venezuela ended violently Wednesday. A group of 100 students in Caracas were sprayed with rubber bullets after throwing pieces of concrete from the sidewalk at the police.

The crowd marched to the prosecutor’s office to appeal the release of 13 demonstrating students who they said were wrongfully arrested. However there are other influences that have contributed to the demonstrations, says Leopoldo Lopez, a Harvard University-trained former mayor. He told the Associated Press:

All of these problems ù shortages, inflation, insecurity, the lack of opportunities ù have a single culprit: the government.

It was later during the march that the protest took a violent turn. In Caracas western area, La Candelaria, is where two people were killed, 23 were injured and 25 more were arrested. National Assembly speaker Diosdado Cabello said to the Latin American Tribune:

Fascism is here. An upright comrade, a fighter … was vilely murdered by fascism.

In turn Attorney General Luis Ortega Diaz said:

Let the country know that we have photographic material, films, tapes from different angles of everything that occurred. We know precisely who the violent ones were.

It is the aftermath of the protest that will determine what actions will soon follow after this tragedy.

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