Shia LaBeouf plagiarizes Zidane’s head-butt in altercation at London bar

Rumors of Shia LaBeouf’s retirement from public life have been greatly exaggerated as the Transformers star was caught on video head-butting another patron at a London bar Thursday night.

The video, which broke on TMZ, shows a belligerent LaBeouf taking a brief pause from shouting at the man to swiftly move in for the head-butt, only to resume his drunken tirade moments later.

The pair exchanged words about the mother of LaBeouf’s female companion, culminating in the deft head-butt and the irate former Disney star shrieking, “What are you saying about my girl’s mom? Are you fucking kidding me, bro?”

LaBeouf recently made headlines for allegedly plagiarizing the work of graphic novelist Daniel Clowes in his film directorial debut – the short, “Howard”

After being called out on it, the two-time Teen Choice Award winner took to Twitter to repent… by allegedly plagiarizing a series of tweets from sources as widespread as Alec Baldwin, the phony sign-language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and Mark Zuckerberg.

Quickly realizing the error of his ways, LaBeouf opaquely blamed his misdeeds on being “addicted to lean” in a tweet that was almost a carbon copy of something the rapper Gucci Mane tweeted in September.

A week ago, LaBeouf “retired” from public life due to “the recent attacks against (his) artistic integrity” in a tweet that appeared to actually be comprised of his own words.

Given his penchant for stealing the words of others, could LaBeouf have incorporated this unsavory habit into his fighting style?

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