Crosswalks at Bobby K. Marks Drive could be in city budget

Walking onto campus may become easier for Sam Houston State University students, faculty and staff with the possible construction of crosswalks, according to Huntsville city council member Tish Humphrey.

City council is set to vote on a budgetary item soon, which will include crosswalks on campus. The crosswalks will run from the commuter parking lot located adjacent to Bowers Stadium to the east side of campus by the Newton Gresham Library and Johnson Coliseum.

Humphrey announced the plans at Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting. She said the money for the project is in the city’s proposed budget and is awaiting coordination with the University to begin planning for construction.

“The money [will be] budgeted for the streets,” Humphrey said. “We just need the University to tell us where they want it. We don’t need to be the ones to say where it goes.”

The city of Huntsville, in conjunction with SHSU, will determine when and where construction will begin.

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