Party it up this labor day

With the end of summer holidays and the start of the new school year, students have one thing on their minds: When is the next holiday?

Luckily, after the short three days of class this week, Sam Houston State University students will have Labor Day off.

With the three-day weekend fast approaching, students have the opportunity to let loose and unwind from the stressful week they have just experienced; they can basically get wasted if they so wish. Students also have the option of taking off for the weekend.

While going home might seem like a good idea, it’s not. It’s been three days since the term started. You’re just getting settled in and adjusting to campus life – life away from home and your parents – do not go home!

Being that this is Huntsville, there isn’t all that much to do here unless you really plan something yourself. With that in mind, grab some friends and plan a potluck. Or a BBQ. Everyone can make their favorite dish and share it amongst your closest friends. Or you could venture out of your normal group of friends and invite some of the people you’ve met in class.

This may be a bit childish, but there are always the options of board games or something along the lines of such. It could be a field day event? Let’s be honest, once the semester is in full swing there is no way you will have time to goof around like this, so why not make the best of the free time?

A pool should also be involved at some point this weekend. It is still technically summer, and this is Texas. The heat pities no one, so definitely stay cool. The pool is the best way to do so. Plus, it’s also fun. After three days of killer classes, fun is the best remedy for back to school blues.

If that’s not enough to quench your thirst for fun, and you’re itching for a trip, drive down to the beach with some friends. It does not necessarily have to be the beach either, there are more options – perhaps a state park, or a different city. Dallas is only two hours away. Road trips are always great; if not now, then when?

If you’re more of a homebody and prefer to do none of the above, then there is always the option of staying at home and watching Netflix for the next three days. With almost 80 new additions to the Netflix line up, find something to watch shouldn’t be too difficult.

There is also the option of catching up on some of your favorite shows that you may have missed. Although, with three days into the semester you would hope to not miss much.

The main idea this Labor Day is to just have fun, relax as much as possible and do something that you really enjoy.

Things are going to get busy rather quickly and the next holiday isn’t until Thanksgiving, so make the most of it while you can.

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