Letter : Welcome from the SGA President

I would like to take this opportunity given by the staff at the Houstonian to welcome you all back to Sam Houston State University.

We are all excited for a new academic year and all the fun, education and opportunities it offers.

Over summer, members of the Student Government Association began planning our year for you. In these discussions we have decided to introduce a new policy initiative every month.

The month of September will be dedicated to unveiling and improving our new SGA Outreach Program.

You will begin to see your Senators in the mall area, in your colleges and out at your sporting events.

Your Senators will begin having roundtable talks with students in your colleges over things you actually care about, and we will make a concerted effort to help your student organizations grow and accomplish all that you can.

We will always be here for you, should you ever need us, and we will be more accessible when you want us. SGA will now be working closer with the university administration to help advocate for the wishes of students.

The work of SGA will include continuing to improve safety on campus with the help of University Police Department and Facility Management and giving feedback about events on campus, to make them more inclusive and successful.

Finally, the SGA Outreach Program strives to improve relations with the City of Huntsville.

This month, we will begin serious talks with the city about ways to get students involved in city events, methods to better relations between the older Huntsville population and the younger student body, to improve overall safety for all citizens of Huntsville and to create a better community for all who live around us.

The members of the 2014 Student Government Association are making a promise to all of you.

We will work to change SGA into your SGA. Please come by our office, Lowman Student Center 326, anytime you have concerns, questions or suggestions.

Over the last few months, the university has continued to improve life here at SHSU.

The Division of Information Technology Services and numerous other departments and individuals have been working to make SHSU’s mobile landscape better.

Please download the mobile apps that are affiliated with SHSU, including SHSU Mobile and SHSU Guidebook. Play with them and let us know the things you like, don’t like and items you would want to see in these apps.

Along with these apps, many of you will start learning from the Campus Clarity program.

Division of Student Services has worked on various Title IX mandates. The Student Government Association has helped to fund these programs, led by the Dean of Student’s Office, and we remind all new students that this training is mandatory.

The Campus Clarity program is designed to educate students about the unique opportunities college offers and to give advice in ways that minimize risk to yourself and your friends.

College is a time unlike any other. While you will all enjoy your time learning and experiencing new things, I ask that you keep an eye on your friends and to take care of yourselves.

I hope you are all settling into your dorms and apartments getting ready for a new semester of classes.

I encourage you to stay active in university events and student organizations. While it is incredibly important to attend and pay attention in your classes, so much of your education will occur outside of the classroom.

Get to know your fellow Bearkats, learn from the experiences you make and share with your friends, and become great leaders in your communities. We look forward to working with you and for you.

Welcome to Sam, and Eat ‘Em Up Kats!

Spencer Copeland
Student Government Association President

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