SHSU, Board of Regents prepare for years to come

While students, faculty and staff prepared for the upcoming 2014-15 school year, university administration and elected student officials took to Austin to prepare the school for the years to come.

Sam Houston State University had multiple requests approved by the Texas State University System Board of Regents on Aug. 28-29, including new degree programs, contracts and audit plans.

A Master of Arts in kinesiology will soon be offered within the College of Health. The new program will focus on sports and human performance and will be offered through distance learning. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing will also be available via distance learning through the College of Health Sciences’ School of Nursing. Both new degrees will be offered starting spring 2015.

Two nursing courses, NURS 3620 and NURS 4030, will also be offered abroad in Thailand. Each course is worth six credit hours and will be instructed by the School of Nursing Chair Anne Stiles, Ph.D.

Inside the College of Education, the Department of Educational Leadership and Counseling was approved to be divided into the Department of Educational Leadership and the Department of Counseling. The split was justified due to the “rather different disciplines” the educational leadership and counseling departments have, according to the TSUS Board Book for the meeting.

In addition, the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences moved from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences to the College of Health Sciences.

In an effort to accommodate a growing campus, SHSU was also authorized to purchase a piece of real estate at 1627 Sam Houston Ave. (Shipley Do-nuts’ former location at the corner of 17th Street and Sam Houston Avenue) where the university’s post office will be relocated.

The system Student Advisory Board also submitted multiple points of concern, acting as the voice of each component school’s student body to the Board. During the end of the meeting, SAB submitted a report detailing their issues with fees, and how they’re reviewed and assessed, system growth and community outreach.

They also touched on the implementation of a mandated guaranteed price plan.

“The choice in tuition price selection is an incredibly important decision and students need clear and concise information about the benefits, and potential consequences, of making this choice,” the SAB said in a letter to the Board of Regents. “We understand that many other university systems have decided to adopt this Guaranteed Price Plan and we extend true appreciation at our System’s decision to make this program an option for those students who find it in their best interest. We look forward to our System’s decision to continue this optional route and wish to help in planning informational seminars for incoming students wishing to make this choice.”

SHSU’s budget and audit agenda for Fiscal Year 2015 were also approved.

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