SGA passes budget, rule changes

Changes to the rules and regulation of the Student Government Association may make it easier for bills to pass this year.

Tuesday’s SGA meeting went by with unanimous votes from the chamber regarding new rules and the budget for the 2014-15 school year.

The rules were changed, according to Student Body President Spencer Copeland, because former rules had loopholes that slowed down business.

“By changing the rules at week two, we are able to move into this year with a set framework that allows for a functioning, effective and efficient government that have less grey areas in the rules,” Copeland said.

Major changes to the operations of SGA include:

Rule 2 Section G: A rule requiring visitors who wished to address the chamber to sign in and receive five minutes to talk was changed to allow for an open forum where any visitor that wished to speak can for a limit of three minutes without signing in.

Rule 11: A rule outlining impeachment procedures which were vaguely defined was mended to a detailed definition of what can constitute an impeachment of officers and senators.

An amendment to suspend rules was proposed by college of science senator Drew Carson, which would allow for a clear means to suspend the rules of the chamber for a set amount of time by creating a statement senators would use each time. The amendment would make it easier for senators to abide by the rules and allow for a smoother session, according to Carson.

“I thought it was a good idea to have a proper way of using this rule,” Carson said. “In my opinion there were a few times last year that is was abused or not used correctly. Having a guided statement may help our Senate move a little smoother.”

The amendment was tabled due to time constraints.

The budget for the 2014-15 was passed unanimously by the senate. Changes to the budget include a decrease in stipends for the president and secretary, increased stipend for chief of staff and gave a budget towards each department.

Changes to the election code, which caused many problems in the 2014 SGA executive election board was tabled for next Tuesday’s meeting.

SGA will meet Tuesday in the Lowman Student Center room 320 at 6:30 p.m.

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