New York Fashion Week: What will you take from it?

Have you heard the saying, “What goes around, comes around?” I think this term was created with fashion in mind. I always laugh because my mother says the outfits we are wearing now were popular when she was in high school. As the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week wraps up in New York, we once again see that the trends are a blast from the past.

Making their way onto the runway are longer skirts from the 50s and the bright-colored outfits from the 90s.  No wonder the models have a blank stare of disinterest; they are wearing clothes that look as if they were created as costumes from decades past.

By watching to catch the shows live, I can tell that this year’s trends have blatantly been recycled from decades past. We see many designers such as Michael Kors bringing back an updated version of the 90s crop top and floral patterns. However, unlike last year, hemlines are extending well past the knee. So ladies, pack those miniskirts away and get ready to bear your midriffs.

I can also see stores like Forever 21 imitate the looks of Diane Von Furstenberg with solid colors layered with patterns to create a unique look. One particular design was a black striped jacket layered on top of a solid black crop top and a matching black striped skirt. Being someone who is not always a fan of patterns, I actually really enjoyed her looks and might even consider investing in some of them myself.

Being interested in fashion, I always look at New York Fashion Week and ask myself, would I wear this? Many of the designs are not particularly tasteful, in my opinion, and look as if they used Lady Gaga as a consultant during their design period.

Marc Jacobs, who usually designs young and festive looks, sadly disappointed with a runway that looked as if he went to an Army Surplus store and glued studs onto oversized coats and dresses.  He did not win fan favorite with his overly masculine designs.

If you are not necessarily on a college budget, Zac Posen will definitely steal your wallet and your heart. Not only were his designs sleek and modern, but they had a certain elegance to them. Many of them showed bare arms, however, it was flattering in terms of maintaining class while being sexy.

As far as applying these trends to life here at Sam Houston State University, I predict that many females on campus will be wearing crop tops with long skirts and also a lot of brightly colored shoes. According to, style is going to be driven by a more modest look this year. It is going to be more Audrey Hepburn and less Miley Cyrus. A lot of these looks show the shoulders or legs but not both. They are modest but with a peekaboo cutouts.

We all know that the Texas heat is killer, especially when it comes to trying to look cute and not have a heat stroke. So I suggest a cute floral skirt with a bright colored tee and some tasteful wedges. Skirts that flare out are going to be big this spring. This particular trend should really pick up here in Texas because it is less constricting when it comes to heat.

Fashion continuously evolves and what is popular now might even be found in your mother’s closet. You should have fun with your style and it can easily be translated on any budget. My suggestion is to find a few trends that appeal to you and implement them into your existing style. The number one rule is to always be true to yourself and be comfortable in the clothes that you’re in.

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