Dear Darla – Issue 7

[blockquote author=”Disgruntled roommate” pull=”normal”]Dear Darla, I moved into an apartment excited to have my own space and to be comfortable doing my own thing but my roommate situation has become a complete nightmare. Do you have any advice on how to deal with a messy, indoor smoking (may not be legal) and an irresponsible pet owning roommate?[/blockquote]

Dear disgruntled roommate,

It sounds to me like your roommate may need some help growing up. There is a certain culture that unfortunately consumes many college students. They take full advantage of the fact that they no longer have to answer to parents and follow “lame” rules. They also no longer have someone forcing them to clean up their mess or clean it up for them. Have you tried talking to your roommate? I know it’s hard to keep calm and level headed with someone who has completely disregarded the fact that there is another human being depending on them to be responsible, but it is possible. Be the bigger person in the situation and talk to them. Be honest and mature while letting your roommate know that this is not acceptable and remind them that their pet and their own wellbeing are in danger because of the decisions (especially the illegal ones) they are making. Home should be the one place in this world where we feel completely comfortable and if someone is jeopardizing that, then certain measures need to be taken. If talking with your roommate doesn’t change anything, consider talking with management to make different arrangements and let your roommate deal with the repercussions. Good luck to you and your sweet little pet!

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