Letters to the Editor – Volume 126 Issue 6

Letters to the Editor received in response to Issue 6’s “Paws up” printed on September 16th.

“PAWS UP to Rush Week: Mom and dad cough up that cash for you to have friends while you sit back and reap the rewards (A broken wine bottle to the neck)”.

[blockquote author=”Anonymous”]As an alumni of SHSU and a social fraternity, I am disgusted at the remarks you allowed to be printed in your “PAWS UP” section.  I am not a member of the fraternity the “wine bottle in the neck” refers to, but I am still outraged at the fact this was allowed to be printed, especially as a person who had many classes in the Dan Rather Building. Who is running this paper now? The student who made this and the editor that approved it should be removed from the paper immediately. This makes me ashamed to say I was once a part of this school. [/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”Tanner Foster”]The “PAWS UP” about Greek life was totally biased and completely distasteful. I can’t believe that made it to print. The person in charge of proofing that is either neglectful and not doing their job or just as biased as the person who put that page together. [/blockquote]

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    I'm not going to lie, as both someone who used to write for the Houstonian and a member of Greek life, the fact that this was even thought of as an 'okay' idea completely baffles me. You might think that your comment was funny, however I find it quite sickening and rude.

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