SHSU coaches “lock up” for MDA fundraiser

The Huntsville Police Department arrested Sam Houston State’s cross country coach Jesse Parker at approximately 11 a.m. at Bowers Stadium on Tuesday.

Parker entered the back of the cop car and headed toward Huntsville’s Texas Prison Museum.

As he entered the cell, he saw a familiar face: SHSU’s head soccer coach Tom Brown.

The two participated in the Muscular Dystrophy Association Lock-Up at the museum, a fundraiser for MDA to support families in the Huntsville community. The idea of the fundraiser was MDA selecting members of the community to be “arrested” and go to “jail”, but the only way to get out was through bail. The two coaches set a bail amount to help raise money to donate toward MDA.

“It was good,” Parker said. “It [was] for a good cause, and you got to benefit families in the communities.”

Parker had set a goal amount to raise $1000 through the bail. Although he was just short of achieving the amount, he was still able to get close families and friends of his to donate.

“My approach was to get as many people to make small donations,” Parker said. “If everyone does a little bit, you can do a lot.”

Brown had a bail of $1800. Like Parker, he didn’t reach the full amount, but it didn’t take away from giving back.

“It’s neat to see it helped and benefited a family in the community,” Brown said.

Nikia Allen, fundraising coordinator for MDA, contacted different people around SHSU and was able to get the two coaches to jump on board. Allen also got HPD to volunteer to go around and arrest the participants and bring them back to the museum.

“They were excited to be a part of the fundraiser,” Allen said. “It makes me feel good.”

The MDA Lock-Up is one of the oldest and longest events MDA does. It will return to the museum next year.

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