KHRASH helps kinesiology, health majors connect

You may have seen their booth at OrgFair on Wednesday and wondered what kind of organization is named “KHRASH.”

KHRASH is an abbreviation for Kinesiology Health Recreation Association for Sam Houston, a group that helps kinesiology and health science majors with networking and to answer questions regarding their chosen field of study, according to the association’s president Sylvia Avila.

“We are really stressing it for networking for [students] within this profession,” said Avila. “Also, it is good resume building.  It’s good for involvement within the department and with the student body and with the professors.”

One of the important aspects of KHRASH is bringing in guest speakers to come and talk to students. Speakers from Blinn College and Sam Houston State University are lined up for this year with hopes of promoting involvement within the department.

“KHRASH is basically an organization to help students, it’s for the students,” said Avila.  “My goal as president is to provide guest speakers and answer a lot of questions that [kinesiology] or health majors might have about their profession. ‘Am I on the right path?’ or ‘Do I want to continue studying [kinesiology]?’ KHRASH is here to help them.”

While the organization is relatively new, Avila said the group has worked to grow the association.

“It wasn’t really a big organization on campus, but within the Kinesiology Department,” said Avila. “Now that I took the president position, it’s gotten bigger, or we are trying to make it a bigger organization because it is the only one on campus and now that we are College of Health Sciences we’ve been trying to work this semester and during the summer to make it big on campus.”

KHRASH is also involved in projects to promote health and wellness in the community. Events such as food drives and 5k races are some of their goals to help build the organization on campus.

KHRASH meets Wednesdays at 2 p.m. and Thursdays at 4 p.m. in room 248 in the Health and Kinesiology Building on campus.

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