SHSU Security Escorts

As October approaches, for many at Sam Houston State University, so do midterms that lead to many long, late nights on campus. For these students, after a few hours at the library, the walk back to their car or dorm can be pretty unsettling at times.

One of the many services that the SHSU University Police Department offers are security escorts for those times when students, faculty or visitors are alone on campus. At any time of the day or night, a student, faculty, staff or visitor to the campus can notify UPD and have a uniformed officer or student assistant with UPD walk with you to your destination.

Thomas Marmonti, a senior criminal justice major, is a student assistant that works with UPD and serves as a security escort on campus.

Should you need an escort to an on-campus destination, Marmonti or another student assistant or officer will meet you in a minutes notice.

Marmonti works foot patrol on campus at night and said they typically have between three to five calls for escorts a night, with the majority of those being for female students.

“The most common place that we escort to and from is the library and between dormitories,” Marmonti said.

Although students are more likely to be pulling a late night on campus, occasionally a faculty or staff escort is given.

According to Marmonti, UPD reaches out to the SHSU community to inform the public about the escort program and the general purpose of what foot patrol does.

“Our main priority is to provide a safe environment for both students and faculty,” Marmonti said. “We try to encompass this through both the escort program and patrolling through campus.”

To request an escort, contact the University Police Department at 936-294-1794.

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