Letters – Advising

I was pleased to see in the “Viewpoints” article by Ms. Maharaj (“The main point of getting advised: To remove advising hold”) in which she focused on advising that she recommended “not waiting until the last minute” to be advised.  I certainly agree with her. At the SAM Center we have been advising for the spring semester since September 15, and with early registration only four weeks away, we also encourage all students to be advised as soon as possible and not wait until the week of registration.  Ms. Maharaj also stated that “the main thing to remember when talking to an advisor is make sure to ask a million questions.”  I’m not sure there is time for that many questions, but it is a good idea to come to an advising session with relevant questions about your degree.  By the time you are a senior you should know the requirements of your degree very well and exactly how many courses you have left to take in order to graduate when you have planned.  Of course, another important aspect of your degree plan is knowing if you need to take one course before another; this information is readily available through the Degree Works platform.  One last comment: it is unfortunate that some students feel that they are taking classes “that are completely useless,” referring to the state-mandated core curriculum. These courses allow students to experience a diversity of academic areas that enrich their university program.  Advisors are able to help students with choices in the core curriculum by showing them which courses “double dip” into their degree program, ultimately accelerating the completion of their degree.  Therefore, like Ms. Maharaj, I encourage you to get advised as quickly as you can and get that advising hold lifted!  Don’t wait until the days of registration, which begin on November 10.

William Fleming, Ph.D.

Executive Director

SAM Center

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