Jewish group celebrates fall holiday

There are a large number of groups represented on campus, a great number of them religious based organizations. Most students have heard of Truth Worship and Bible Study and Chi Alpha Campus Ministries, but they are not the only religious groups present and active on campus. Jews on Campus is an organization at Sam Houston State University dedicated to the study and practice of the Judaism.

The organization puts on events, such as the celebration of Sukkot. The Jewish holiday of Sukkot is a weeklong fall festival and began Oct. 8 in the evening and lasts until tomorrow evening.

“In ancient days, Jews would pick their fruits and vegetables during Sukkot and they would not be able to travel home during the week so they would put up a hut to sleep in that they could see the stars from,” Anne Sergi, secretary of Jews on Campus, said.

Jews on Campus organization will have a Sukkah hut set up in front of the LSC for the weeklong holiday. Yesterday, a rabbi came to speak to the students and answer questions about Sukkot where the organization provided food for participating students to celebrate the event.

The organization is not just for people who practice Judaism, but also for anyone interested in the culture, according to Sergi.

“We are always looking for more members,” Sergi said. “Anyone who is interested in Jewish culture whether or not they’re Jewish can join.”

The organization holds many activities and get-togethers such as Torah studies. They also hold dinners with rabbis, called “Farbrengen,” so students can speak about philosophical and religious ideas. Jews on Campus celebrates religious events, holidays and holds services and Seders.

“We aim to inform people about Jewish culture and create sustainable Jewish life on campus,” Sergi said.  “We are hoping to start a Hillel on campus which is a place on campus for Jewish students to hang out, study, celebrate and eat a nice meal.”

Hillels are common at university campuses around the world as a place for students to gather. Jewish students go to relax and celebrate their religion and culture. In the Hillel, weekly services and meals are held along with Torah and Hebrew studies.

The group organizes trips during Hillel meetings to places such as Israel and the Annual Jewish-American Political conference in DC and Dallas.

“We have a lot of events planned for the next semester and would love anyone who’s interested to contact us,” said Sergi.

For more information about the organization and their upcoming events, contact Anne Sergi at

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