Turn down your partying to stay alive

If you were to ask any college student how they spend their time (aside from class because we are good students that always attend class), what would you think is the most common answer?

Homework and studying? Participating in extracurricular activities? Hanging out with friends?

More often than not, it is one of the above. However, when the weekend rolls around, and in some cases even before Friday hits, students are turning up. For those of you who do not know, turning up can be defined as “getting wild” and/or “letting loose.”

Now as someone who enjoys a good party every now and then, I am all for “turning up.” However, I think that some people are much too extreme when it comes to partying. I’m not saying that you should not go out and have a good time, by all means, you should definitely do that, but you should not be turning up every weekend.

I get it. School is stressful. Participating in all these organizations is stressful. Balancing your social life with your school life is stressful. You’re just a big ball of stress. You need some way to let loose, relax and not worry about all the things that really get to you for a while.

Getting so wasted that you cannot remember what happened the night before and taking the entire weekend to recover is not something that should be a constant reoccurrence in your life. Yes, school is a bitch sometimes, but you need to stop complaining about it all the time and get your crap together. Suck it up. The real world is not going to be so gracious and give you an extra day to turn in an assignment (you are lucky if you get that now) because you missed a day due to being hungover.

Not to mention that a significant amount of the parties that take place are always broken up by the police due to excessive noise, and dare I say it, the scent of certain illegal substances. Is saying “oh, I was there. The police rolled in around 10 p.m. and shut things down” really something you want to go on and on about when someone asks you about your weekend?

College is a time where you are supposed to discover who you are, at least that’s what I’ve been told. How are you supposed to figure out who are if all you do is party and get wasted every other weekend?

There is more to life than binge drinking, going to The Fox and losing your panties in a pit party or waking up next to a stranger and not knowing if you’re knocked up (keep a condom handy). Instead of binge drinking, find other activities to keep yourself entertained. Netlfix is highly recommended.

Get your life together. And trust me, you cannot do that at Confetti’s.

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