Upgrades planned for SHSU Planetarium

The sky is the limit for the Sam Houston State University physics department, and they are making visible upgrades this semester to enhance the experience at the on-campus planetarium.

The SHSU planetarium is located in the Farrington Building and is currently operating with a Mediaglobe I projection system. The system was one of the first entities to receive one of its kind, said staff lab assistant Michael Prokosch.

“The new projector is expected to arrive and be installed sometime during the first two weeks of November,” said Prokosch.

With the plans for improvement, the department will make the transition to the Mediaglobe III system.

According to Konica Minolta Planetarium Co., the Mediaglobe III projection system offers features such as higher resolution, higher contrast ratio, 3-D Space Simulation and special effects.

After the installation of the new projector, students will be able to have a more realistic experience at the planetarium and be able to see smoother images that will make them feel like they are actually looking up at the night sky in real time.

Prokosch said the decision to switch to the new projector came after the Mediaglobe I service company stopped offering maintenance support for the old projector.

This upgrade will take place within the next month and will be up and running in order for the Planetarium to continue with show times.

The current show that the Planetarium is airing is called ‘Bad Astronomy,’ based on the book of the same name. Prokosch said, however, the show is subject to change after the new projector is installed.

For a complete list of shows and show times, visit www.shsu.edu/academics/physics/schedule.html or like the “SHSU Planetarium” page on Facebook.

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