If you do not vote, you have no right to complain

Democrats and Republicans are the two main political parties in the United States, but several smaller and independent movements have littered the race over the years, though none have had any real or significant impact on the American political scene.

The politicians that represent these parties are among the most loved and hated individuals in the nation, depending on what side of the race you are on. These people have a loyal fan base and hundreds of thousands of followers.

Unfortunately, the majority of politicians are corrupt and have been bought by some large industry that helps facilitate the true running of the government. They are glorified marionette dolls acting only when a string in pulled by their employer. Further, their loyal fans continue to vote them and their cronies into office year after year and the vicious cycle continues.

Fortunately, there is a way to foil their evil agendas and stop the stuffing of their bank accounts by big businesses such as the tobacco, oil and dairy industries. College students make up a large portion of eligible voters in the U.S., but most of them fail to vote in local and national elections.

College students are also extremely opinionated, and they are not afraid to voice their approval or displeasure when a particular issue rubs them the right or wrong way. However, they do not use the most effective avenues of communication that would generate the greatest impact on the outcome of their complaint.

Instead they choose to use ineffective and temporary social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Getting immediate and instant gratification on their opinions has become an addiction-like habit of today’s youth and has crippled their ability to enact any real change.

These post will quickly disappear and be wiped from memories and timelines alike and their message lost to the infinite expanse of cyberspace. Election time brings out some of the most opinionated posts from individuals, especially for those that have a complaint to get off their chest. Sadly, most of these complaints are a futile attempt to make any sort of change in the way things are and these posters do not realize that their voices will never be heard where they count.

I have to make a blunt and direct statement that will probably anger a lot of people, but the following must be said in order to call to action my peers:

If you do not vote for your leaders, politicians and propositions, you have no right to complain about them or the government.

The voting process is fundamental in putting policies into action and leaders into offices. They are not handed their positions but win the tally count at the end of each election. Surprisingly, there is an upcoming election Tuesday but how many of you will actually turn up to cast a ballet? And how many of you will shamelessly plug your opinion on the outcome on your social media trifecta?

I declare all of you that do not show up to the polls as phonies who do not have any right to complain about government in any way, form or fashion. You lost that ability to do so when you failed to make an appearance at the polls but did not miss that party in the pit yesterday.

I know this will not stop any of you from clogging everyone’s online feeds with your nonsensical viewpoints, but until you start actively participating in the election of your leaders and government policies, you better check yourself, your social media feeds and your opinion at the poll booth.

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