SGA welcomes youngest member

While new legislation is being discussed, Student Government Association Vice President Brooke Hunter feels a thump in her stomach and is reminded that, now, she is more than just an SGA member.

She’s a mother.

Hunter, who has been involved in SGA since last spring, just welcomed the newest member into the organization, her daughter Peighton Makenzie Hunter, on Oct. 17.

Hunter was originally attracted to SGA because of their service and decided she wanted to be part of an organization that gave back to the student body.

Her pregnancy for the last nine months, what might be considered a setback to others, had little effect on Hunter’s state of mind.

“I was a little bit nervous I was going to have to step down after finding out about my pregnancy, but I worked my school schedule out to where I’m all online this semester, so I was able to work it out to where I wouldn’t miss too much class,” Hunter said. “I’ll still be able to be in the office and take care of my responsibilities as far as SGA.”

The hardest part, according to Hunter, will be leaving her daughter Peighton for mandatory SGA events or meetings.

“I have to go to the student advisory board meetings, which are in Austin or Beaumont,” Hunter said. “That will be the hardest part, leaving her here, but she’ll be taken care of. I’ll also have to leave her for two hours during the meetings on Tuesdays.”

“I realized what they [SGA] did and how much they did for the campus, and it was like, why not be able to help them?” Hunter said.

However, more opportunity arose when the idea of running for vice president became a tangible goal.

“I felt like a lot of people didn’t know about student government and I felt like running for that position, knowing as many people as I did, would help [in getting] the students more involved,” Hunter said. “We do a lot for the students to make them more aware of what we do and what goes on [at SHSU].”

SGA members are flooded with responsibility, and Hunter is no exception. Her obligations as vice president include overseeing all internal affairs as well as making sure that all departments are on track and completing tasks.

Above all, Hunter said she is committed to making sure that SGA is serving the student body.

“I feel like I’ve been handling it pretty well,” Hunter said concerning her management of vice presidency.

According to Hunter, the rest of SGA has been nothing but supportive of both her pregnancy and her decision to continue serving in the organization.

“[The rest of SGA has been] very positive, actually,” Hunter said. “They have been very helpful; some senators have actually gotten things for her and they’re very excited for her to be here. I got tons of text messages and emails [with] congratulations and asking for pictures. We’re a family, so they welcomed her as the first baby in office.”

Although the SGA vice president realizes it won’t always be easy, she remains optimistic about her future with the organization.

“Why not?” she said. “She’s here, it happened, and I feel like I can do it.”

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