Plant a tree, save a life

Everyone knows that I love a good tree. Whether it be for climbing, sleeping under or for being terrorized by stink bugs disguised as bark and then flying around attacking me… It is a bitter sweet love affair.

But even though ants bite my butt while I am sleeping under them, trees have always been a comfort in my life, and like all chocolatey comforts, I believe the more the better.

I am weirded out at the idea that someone has trusted me and our Generation Y with the responsibility of cleaning up the environmental mess Baby Boomers have left in their wake. But although the future is such a scary and overwhelming thing to think about, it might not be so intimidating if we help shape it into what we want it to be. I am excited about urban vertical forestry, climate stabilization and the idea of creating a Utopia for everyone to enjoy.

I worry about my future children and grandchildren living in a world where there are no trees, where they do not know what a polar bear is and smog infests their lungs. It is okay if you do not want to ever have children and sometimes when I see a screaming child, I feel you 100 percent, but we all are going to be involved with a younger generation someday. Eventually we will be aunts or uncles, god parents or the fun margarita drinking friend to a parent and the act of simply planting a tree is such an easy step forward and a great gift to those generations to come.

The weather has been beautiful outside (even though it is currently storming outside my bedroom window), and planting a tree or even a seed is so easy. Taking the five seconds out of your day to drop a seed in a small hole or the hour or three that it takes to plant an actual tree will automatically make you feel awesome and will justify you laying in bed the entire day before watching Kardashian reruns.

If you just can not get down with the idea of 90‘s overalls, dirt under your fingernails and tree planting in general, never fear. In case you have been living under a rock, Chegg is an eco-friendly, cheap online textbook supplier with free shipping, and according to a Chegg cardboard box I have been hoarding in my room all semester, Chegg has planted over 5 million trees so far.

Renting a textbook rather than buying is a more eco-friendly practice, but if you are like me and have never been able to turn a library book in on time, you may want to buy. But if you are capable of meeting due dates, Chegg will plant a tree for every textbook they rent out to students. Students can choose where their tree is planted through an interactive world map, and because the only reason of doing a good deed is to brag about it on social media, renters can link their rental transaction and good tree deed to their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Green thumb or not, find a way to plant a tree because Mother Nature can be a real witch and you do not want to get on her bad side. After all of our Halloween shenanigans, we could probably all use a little bit of good karma, not that you should not just plant a tree for the fun of it.

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