New signage to ease confusion at intersection

A new traffic sign is posted at the intersection of Bowers Boulevard and Montgomery Road thanks to the works of Sam Houston State University’s Student Government Association and the city of Huntsville.

The stoplight was originally confusing to drivers. If a vehicle wanted to turn left onto Bowers Boulevard from Montgomery Road, they would see a solid green light, indicating that they would have to yield to the traffic wishing to cross Bowers Boulevard from the Bowers Stadium parking lot. However, those exiting the parking lot wishing to cross Bowers Boulevard saw a red light. This meant that vehicles wishing to turn left onto Bowers Boulevard from Montgomery Road had the right-of-way while it was not clear since they had a yield-indicating solid green light.

After recognizing that the stoplight could be confusing and potentially dangerous, External Affairs Chief Tyler Livzey got in contact with the appropriate person at city hall and expressed the problem.

The city of Huntsville, according to Livzey, was surprisingly proactive, calling him back the same morning of initial contact.

“It was incredible how fast the city was willing to work with the students,” Livzey said. “I thought it was going to be a significantly longer process.”

By the end of the week though, a sign was posted at the stoplight.

Street Superintendent David Welch worked with the issue directly, recognizing the potential danger as well.

“We figured out exactly what [the problem] was and came up with a solution,” Welch said. “Someone should have spoken up sooner. The lights have been there for a number of years.”

The sign posted now reads “All turns are protected on green light”.

“The signs will be hung up between the signal heads and will only be visible from Montgomery Road and the exit to Bowers Stadium,” Welch said. “Hopefully this will end the confusion.”

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