Avoid being a frigid witch: a guide to storming the winter weather

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and it is starting to feel a lot like it, too. It is that time of year where oversized tees, Nike shorts and UGG boots become a part of everyday fashion on campus. I know it sound like a total oxymoron because you are either hot or you are cold, right? But before this starts to sound too much like a cheesy pop song, sit back, grab your Snuggy and enjoy these five tips that are sure to help you storm this winter weather.

Layers on layers on layers 

With the frigid winter air creeping around the corner, wearing plenty of layers is essential. According to weather.com, proper winter dressing means three layers. One for wicking, two for insulating and the third for protection. This does not mean whip out your chinchilla parka people, we are in Texas after all. Layering is also great because it allows you to stay warm walking to and from class but also allows you the accessibility of removing layers when it gets too warm during class. Now, layering up can sometimes cause you to look like a frigid witch and your style to look a tad bit frumpy, but incorporating bright accessories, especially ones that provide the dual purpose of warmth, such as scarves and gloves are a great way liven up your layers. Another definite essential to add are warm socks and a good pair of outdoor boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. Try to get ones that are made out of leather or pleather so that they can repel moisture.

Arrive to campus early

Dashing through the snow, in a beat-up Chevrolet, over the roads we go, honking all the way BEEP BEEP!  Another great way to storm the winter weather and ensure that you get a decent parking space is by arriving to school early. In past years, the number of students who commute usually increases during the winter season, making the already impossible parking situation even worse. Leaving to get to school earlier allows you the chance to obtain a more desirable parking space and enables you to beat traffic depending on where you are coming from. Also, contrary to popular belief, idling or warming your car on cold days can actually have more negative side effects if not done properly. According to the thesilverlining.com, experts recommend letting your car warm for no more than 30 seconds because beyond that there are not any benefits. So if you want to avoid the miserable hike from Bowers Stadium, arrive to campus early. Either that or come to campus the night before with your sleeping back and camp out.

Stock up on hot cocoa and soup 

Although the countdown to Starbucks infamous red cups has begun, spending $4.75 a day for a peppermint mocha latte is not the most practical way to spend your money, especially for students like myself who are surviving on a budget. So head to the local supermarket and grab plenty of hot cocoa, soup and any other of your favorite treats that will keep you warm during this frigid winter season.

Plenty of blankets and onesies

Due to the fire hazards you probably will not be roasting any chestnuts on an open fire in your dorms or apartments, so make sure to adjust your heater to the appropriate settings and dust off nana’s quilts and those feather down comforters. Down comforters are a wonderful alternative on those cold lonely nights when your 12 a.m. snuggle buddy goes MIA. Although you may be past the bananas in pajamas phase, you are never too old for a onesie pajama or long johns and fuzzy slippers. Does anyone else miss the days where coming to school in Barbie print flannel pajamas and Powder Puff Girls slippers was socially acceptable? Not only do they provide lots of warmth but they are super comfy. Just make sure you don’t fill up on too many liquids before putting one on.

Lock, take, hide

The cold weather always puts me in the mood to sing my favorite Christmas carol. It is the most wonderful time of the year with crime rates through the ceiling and burglars out stealing or at least I think that is how the song goes. With the holiday season approaching crooks are on the prowl, especially for young naive students who may often forget to lock their doors. Although the actions of many criminals can often be unpredictable, it is always a good idea to expect the unexpected. So make sure you secure all of your valuable items in well hidden areas and always lock your room, apartment and car doors.

Being frigid and cold is not a good combination but if you follow these easy guidelines you can avoid being a witch, too.

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