Championship rings stolen over break

Thanksgiving week was not all celebration for one Sam Houston State University football player as two championship rings were stolen from his Huntsville house.

Junior wide receiver Josh Reynolds told The Houstonian his 2011 and 2012 Southland Conference and FCS National Championship rings were stolen from his house on Normal Park Drive, along with his Xbox 360, a watch and a coin given to Reynolds from retired United States Navy SEAL and SHSU alumnus Marcus Luttrell.

Initially Reynolds thought it was a joke and did not file a police report with Huntsville Police Department. After calling the police, the officers said the robber could be someone close to Reynolds, he said.

“Before I searched the whole house, nobody had anything else missing and there was nothing obvious,” Reynolds said. “There was a lot of stuff that could have been taken that wasn’t taken. I thought someone was playing a joke on me…if it was any local going around looking at houses they would have taken a lot more. It’s probably someone that’s close to me.”

Reynolds said he did not notice anything was missing from his room until he was getting ready for a pre-game meal Saturday before SHSU squared off against Southeastern Louisiana University for round one of the FCS playoffs.

“I was going to get my watch before pre-game meal and I realized my watch was missing and I looked over and saw my two rings were missing and my coin from Marcus Luttrell,” Reynolds said. “They signify a big moment in my life, a lot of hard work and that I earned something.”

Reynolds said he has notified the SHSU coaching staff and is awaiting further procedures.

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