FAMC introduces new course

A new class will be offered in through the College of Fine Arts and Mass Communications starting spring 2015.

Creative Arts Seminar (FAMC 2301) is designed to satisfy the required credit of core curriculum area five – social and behavioral sciences – and will explore the different areas of dance, music, visual arts and theatre.

The course was introduced to teach the visual and performing arts and will focus on history, theory and providing hands-on opportunities in the creative arts field. The goal for the course is to provide students basic knowledge and appreciation of the arts.

There will be a hands-on and performance component of the course and will be a level appropriate for each students experience. Students will be required to attend different concerts, plays and art exhibits where they are expected to reflect upon what they saw at the events.

Along with attending events, students will create pieces of work to be a part of a creative arts festival for a mid-term and a final.

The course will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m. and will be taught by a team of four professors. Students will sign up for one of four classes offered, then change professors and physical location throughout the semester.  The groups will spend a quarter of the semester with each professor that specializes in dance, music, visual arts and theatre.

There is no prerequisite for FAMC 2301 and no prior knowledge of the arts, art forms and the creative process is needed.

The course will be listed under the Fine Arts and Mass Communications section and the four sections will be available to choose.

For more information about the course and the credit it satisfies, contact an academic advisor.

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