Graduating seniors’ artwork to be showcased in final exhibition

Graduating senior studio art majors at Sam Houston State University get to end their last semester of college with an opportunity to showcase their semester’s work and intensive study.

“Zeitgeist 2014—Part 2” is an annual end of the semester tradition where arts students not only get to showcase their work, but students also have the opportunity to practice working in a professional setting.

The gallery will showcase artwork by graduating seniors in all different media, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and mixed media.

Students in art department chair professor Michael Henderson’s Museum and Gallery Practices class get the opportunity to act as curators for the exhibit, choosing other studio art majors’ work and informing the students of their work being featured in the gallery. These students then get to host the event as if they were curating for a museum or art gallery opening.

Students prepared for this job by visiting different museums and galleries over the course of the semester to learn about the role and responsibilities of an art curator.

Assistant professor of art and gallery coordinator Annie Strader said people can expect to see a variety of work at “Zeitgeist.”

“[It is] a broad survey of work being created by current students in the department of art,” Strader said. “The students selected for the exhibit were informed by the students who are acting as curators in the Museum and Galleries class that their work was selected and they will drop work off at the gallery.”

Strader said people who come to the gallery will be informed of the work the students have been preparing all semester.

“People who view the exhibit will get a good sense of what is happening with students in the department now, showing current interests that are occupying art students minds.” Strader said

Strader also commented on the tradition of having students in Professor Henderson’s class acting as the curators.

“It is part of the Museum and Galleries curriculum and happens once a year,” Strader said. “It is great practical experience for the students to curate and install an exhibit and each year it seems to have a positive impact on the student curators involved.”

The Student Satellite Gallery is located in a storefront on Huntsville’s downtown square at 1216 University Ave. It will be can be seen starting Dec. 6, through Dec. 13.

There will be an opening reception for the gallery on Dec.4 from 5 p.m.- 7 p.m.

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