Senior dance concert to showcase student choreography

The Sam Houston State University department of dance will end its performance season with a production showcasing the work of 15 graduating seniors while also benefiting charities.

“ANAMOLY” will include a vast array of dance genres through 14 pieces. The show deals with things that deviate from what is standard, normal or expected.

The senior dance class will be accepting $1 donations to the Angelina Ballerina Stars of Tomorrow program. The charity is sponsored by the Dizzy Feet Foundation, which works to support, improve and increase access to dance education in the United States.

Senior dance major Julian Lopez said preparation for the show began far before this semester.

“The preparation for this show started several semesters ago in our Choreography I class which then followed trough to our Choreography II, Choreography III, and lastly our Senior Studio class,” Lopez said. “In Senior Studio, everyone in the class is on a production team to help produce the show at the end of the semester. Every person in the class is a senior and is asked to make an ensemble piece  using music lights costumes and dancers. We have access to really advanced technology and are always trying to be fresh with creations and very organic always doing the unexpected.”

Lopez said this semester’s preparation brought more hands-on experience for the choreographers.

“The dancers we get are able to come to an open audition which is also put on by the senior production crew,” Lopez said. “Once we all selected our dancers, the next step was the rehearsal process. We have a mandatory 3 hrs of rehearsal that we must hold a week. Along with planning all of this, we have to have a proposal and intent behind our work so that they will be of substantial value. I have the biggest cast for the show and have been dealing with rehearsal schedules, making choreography as well as costumes and finding meaning in the work that I am premiering at ‘ANAMOLY.’”

Lopez said the show is the final piece the graduating seniors will present in their undergraduate careers and lets them leave their mark on the university.

“This is probably the biggest stress that undergrads in the dance department face here at Sam,” Lopez said. “We want to make something that will be remembered and break the status quo. This is our chance to prove our artistry can be substantial in a professional atmosphere. It’s a chance to show all our professors and everybody who helped us here at sam that the time they devoted to us was well spent.”

Lopez said the department will continue senior show tradition next semester as well.

“Next semester will be a great year,” Lopez said. “Our department is growing and we plan to have the concert continue on for our final seniors of 2015. We will have a new theme and completely different show, artistry is always changing and so is our department.”

“ANAMOLY” will run Dec. 5 and 6 at 8 p.m. in the Gaertner Performing Arts Center Dance Theatre at 8 p.m.

Tickets cost $8 and can be purchased at the GPAC Box Office online at or at 936-294-2339

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